Musings on Mixed Reality

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Guest post by Davor Gasparevic

Virtual Reality’s most innovative implementation, job training, has evolved greatly since the first companies decided to take the risk and give it a shot. Although many whispered that investing in VR training sounded like a bad idea altogether, the fact is that, fast forward a few years later, big names like Walmart and McDonald’s are claiming it to be the answer to the employee training riddle that numerous companies are still trying to solve.

The IT field is not free of this challenge as every year more employees need to be trained effectively to handle hardware, operating systems and databases in order to keep up with the organizations’ need of upgrading their networks and technology infrastructure.

You could get it for free with another purchase, and in the flood of Oculus Touch launch content you’d be forgiven for missing it. But that would be a mistake.

After a tumultuous launch and stiffening competition, the announcements at Oculus Connect 3 put Oculus back in the lead.

Damaged Core is one of the highest reviewed VR experiences to date. But would it have been as highly praised were it not a VR experience? Spoilers ahead.

Over the past few weeks, the long running debate over software exclusivity in the VR space has reached unprecedented levels of intensity, hostility and vitriol. Does Oculus’s approach of funding game development in return for timed exclusivity foster the development of VR content, or does its strategy threaten to splinter a market still in the process of finding its feet?

by Augmentl, May 4th 2016.

There is something fundamentally visceral about The Climb, and that feeling only gets stronger the harder a particular climb is.

Last night, having just unlocked the Hard difficulty levels, I decided to take on a night time climb over The Bay, an attractive asian setting remindful of Thailand or Indonesia, complete with floating paper lamps and a beautiful view of the moonlit resort below.

by Augmentl, April 1st 2016

The Oculus Rift is finally out, and while many are still waiting for their unit to ship, some lucky Redditors have had some time to get to know the world's first consumer device for high end PC VR. Here is a collection of their experiences, as they have shared them

It's been a long time coming. Years in fact. Ever since I first laid my hands on my Oculus DK1 - and thereafter through many, many hours with my eyes ensconced in a DK2 - I knew one day I'd be holding the first consumer VR headset by the company that arguably started it all: the Oculus Rift CV1.

by Augmentl, 26th May 2016.

There is a new a bedtime story for the age of Virtual Reality. It goes a little something like this:

"Once upon a time, there was a young Magician, who wanted to build a pair of magic glasses.

by Augmentl, 21st April 2016

After a week with my Oculus Rift, having completed Adr1ft and spent hours in Lucky's Tale, Elite: Dangerous, Eve Valkyrie and a multitude of other titles, there is one Virtual Reality experience that, against all expectations, I feel regularly compelled to return to: Farlands, one of the least talked about free titles from the Oculus Rift's launch lineup.

by Augmentl, 3rd May 2016.

LAN parties are awesome. Getting a bunch of people together with their respective PC's to revel in a shared gaming session is so fundamentally more entertaining that interacting with the same people over the internet.

But LAN parties are also a logistical pain in the ass. They require planning, cars, manageable distances between participants' houses, and enough room in the host venue to comfortably cram the required players, their rigs, and a sufficient supply of snacks.

One month ago, I tested a virtual reality headset called the HTC Vive Pre. The Pre was a development kit created by gaming behemoth Valve and smartphone maker HTC, and it was one of the most exciting new pieces of hardware I've had the pleasure of writing about - a device that offered full-body, room-scale VR.

We go inside the first episode of the Foo Show, a new Virtual Reality podcast-meets-chat-show by former Tested.com alum Will Smith. 

by Augmentl, 2nd April 2016